Tyler is a Contestant in Total Drama: The Return! and Total Drama: The Musical! He is labelled The Jock even though, he isn't really athletic except his strong fingers.

Total Drama: The Return!Edit

Tyler played a role in Total Drama: The Return! being one of his alliance lackeys.He did get angry however, when his alliance voted out Lindsay causing him to try and vote out the leader, but gets overpowered and eliminated.He did make it far however and came in 6th place.

Total Drama: The Musical!Edit

In the First Episode, Tyler tried to lift a dumbell but when he finally got it up he let go of it and it fell on his leg causing damage until the challenge.

In the other episodes involving Cody's "death" he had not much of a role there but was almost voted out in the third episode but Heather had one more vote than him getting her eliminated.In the next episode "Let's Dance!" his team won, thanks to Duncan and Leshawna.In "Singing in the Rain!" Tyler had a role in the Pre-Chat talking with Beth,Trent,and Bridgette in the first part of it.He said that the title reminded him of High School Musical, which as he put it its obvious he hates it.

People who played TylerEdit

Newbie49(Season 1)

First123(Season 2)

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