Welcome to the sequel of Total Drama: The Return!, where 16 Characters From TDI, TDA, and TDWT Return for another Chance to Win! This time, whoever Wins will win $1,000,000! There will be more Drama,Romance,Action,and Adventure, so Hold on for the ride of your life!

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Sign-ups (CLOSED)Edit


  • Chris McLean-Zannabanna
  • Chef Hatchet- Natedog14

Contestants (2 per person)Edit

  • Beth- Bloomin13
  • Sadie- Teddy10
  • Eva-Zannabanna
  • Lindsay-Izzynsierrafan12
  • Trent- Bloomin13
  • Izzy-Zannabanna
  • Duncan- Natedog14
  • LeShawna-Team E-scope
  • Cody- S321
  • Sierra-Izzynsierrafan12
  • Katie- Teddy10
  • Tyler- First123
  • Courtney-Team E-scope
  • Bridgette-First123
  • Geoff- S321
  • Heather- Natedog14


  • No Godplaying!
  • This means Chris or Chef Hatchet are talking!
  • If you are Inactive for 3 episodes in a row you will be Auto-Eliminated!
  • Do not edit any tables that appear on this screen!

Elimination TablesEdit

Place Contestant Original Team Merged Team Status Eliminated
16th Cody Killer Hats Eliminated Week 1 Episode 1
15th Lindsay Screaming Surfers Eliminated Week 2 Episode 2
14th Heather Screaming Surfers Eliminated Week 3 Episode 3
13th Sierra Killer Hats Eliminated Week 4 Episode 4
Beth Screaming Surfers IN
Sadie Killer Hats IN
Eva Killer Hats IN
Trent Killer Hats IN
Izzy Killer Hats IN
Duncan Screaming Surfers IN
LeShawna Screaming Surfers IN
Katie Killer Hats IN
Tyler Screaming Surfers IN
Courtney Screaming Surfers IN
Bridgette Screaming Surfers IN
Geoff Killer Hats IN
Teams Jury Phase Jury Vote
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Place Voter Votes
TBA Beth S. Surfers WIN IN IN WIN
TBA Sadie Killer Hats IN WIN WIN IN
TBA Eva Killer Hats IN WIN WIN IN
TBA Trent Killer Hats IN WIN WIN IN
TBA Izzy Killer Hats IN WIN WIN IN
TBA Duncan S. Surfers WIN IN IN WIN
TBA LeShawna S. Surfers WIN IN IN WIN
TBA Katie Killer Hats IN WIN WIN LOW
TBA Tyler S. Surfers WIN IN LOW WIN
TBA Courtney S. Surfers WIN LOW IN WIN
TBA Bridgette S. Surfers WIN IN IN WIN
TBA Geoff Killer Hats IN WIN WIN IN
13th Sierra Killer Hats IN WIN WIN OUT
14th Heather S. Surfers WIN IN OUT
15th Lindsay S. Surfers WIN OUT
16th Cody Killer Hats OUT

Episode 1: It's Singing Time!Edit

E1: Pre-chatEdit


Chris: *punches Chef out of the way* Calm it down Chef! Anyway, Welcome Contestants to another Season of Total Drama!

Sierrra: CODY!!!! *tackles him in love*

Chef: Didnt we get a restraining order on her last month!?

Lindsay: Chet, what's a restrained order?

Chris: *punches Chef then smiles at the camera acting normal* Zip it!

Lindsay: *zips up her jumper* Okay!

Chris: *looks at Lindsay weirdly* Ok, then...

Tyler: Sup!

Sierra: *gives Cody a cookie but it runs off* Get back here!

Chris: OMG! A cookie! *picks up cookie and eats it* Yum!

Sierra: That was Cody's! *slaps Chris*

Chris: Guards!

Guards: *come and slaps Sierra and then walks away*

Cody: Eh, what's up doc?

Geoff: Hey everyone!

Tyler: Hi Geoff.

Bridgette: Hi, everyone.

Geoff: *To Bridgette* Hey Bridge!

Cody: Where's Sierra?

Bridgette: Hi Geoff.

Geoff: How you doing wifey?

Bridgette: Fine.

Tyler: *Trying to hold a dumbell* Oh crud this is heavy!

Geoff: How about you give daddy some sugar?

Sierra: *tackles Cody and kisses him*

Tyler: *Finally holds the dumbell* YES! *Dumbell falls out of his hand and lands on his foot*OW!

Cody: *kisses Sierra and grabs her*

Sierra: *makes out with Cody* Dreamy...

Cody: *makes out with Sierra* This is awesome!

Sierra: *rips his shirt off and continues to make out*


Cody: *continues to make out with Sierra*

Trent: Okay, then... You guys just... *laughs akwardly* keep making out...

Beth: I wish my Brady-kins were here... He's such a romantic! And a great kisser! *dazes off dreamily*

Trent: Sure he is... *rolls his eyes*

Beth: *pushes him* Oh, like you should talk! You haven't had a girlfriend since season 2!

Trent: By choice! *glares at her*

Beth: Oh, get over it Guitar Man! Gwen dumped you a long time ago!

Trent: *stands akwardly*

Beth: *stands akwardly also*

Beth: *twiddles thumbs* I'm sorry...

Trent: It's okay...

Cody: I'm gonna go explore if anyone wants to join me

Sierra: I will!

Cody: Hey. Green rocks! *picks some up* *gives one to Sierra* Here you are. (INSF: Don't start this hazmat crap again!)

(Ok. They're just green)

Cody: Awesome.

Sierra:Ooh, greeen rocks!

Katie: We're here!!! EEEEE!!!

Sadie: EEEEEEE!!!

Beth: EEEEEEE!!! Yay! *jumping up and down*

Trent: *unenthusiasticly* Eee... Great...

Geoff: Sierra, want a tattoo? I have a license to give them.

Sadie: Oh my gosh, Beth! You learned the ways of the EEEEE!!! EEEEE!!!

Katie: Yay!

Trent: *plugging his ears* Hey, Cody! Any chance one of those green rocks will make these 3 forget the ways of Eee?

Geoff: Katie want a tattoo? I got the liscence to do it.

Katie: Um, no.

Geoff: What about you Sadie?

Sadie: Sorry, I'm allergic to tattoos

Katie: Sadie, I can't believe you said that!

Sadie: Sorry, but you were thinking it!

Katie: But you said it! *Both giggle*

Beth: Whoa... *jumping* I wanna be a psychic!

Trent: Geoff, why would anyone with common sense give you a tattoo license?

Cody: Who wants candy?!


Chris: Contestants for your first challenge you must sing a song, while your creating it. The songs will be called "Kiss and Tell" and "Love me!". The main singers are Geoff and Bridgette. They will each pick 7 people, to be on there team. Each team will then create the lyrics for the song. The team with the best song will win! Good luck!

Team PickingEdit

Chris: Bridgette and Geoff, pick 7 people each!

Geoff: I choose Cody!

Trent: If only there was a really good singer that you could pick! *points to himself*

Geoff: And Trent and Eva and Izzy.

Trent: That's my boy!

Geoff: And Katie and Sadie and Sierra.

Chris: Ok! Everyone else is on Bridgette's team. Get to singing!

Trent: How long does the song have to be?

Song: Kiss and Tell (By: Bridgette's Team)Edit

Lindsay: I really thought you loved me.... but when I was gone... You kissed a girl... you told everyone.... Kiss and Tell.. Ohh... Kiss and....TEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...

Lindsay: I really thought you were the one. But what you did.... with that someone! Kiss and TELL!

Lindsay: Kiss and Tell. Kiss and Tell. Kiss and Tell. Kiss and tell. You're a liar, you're a sl** boy!

Lindsay: You're just a girl tooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Bridgette: Kiss and Tell....

Beth: OH! You stink! I rule! I just... gotta be cool! No way... I'm gonna... let you get the best of me!

Bridgette: Kiss and Tell! Kiss and Tell!

Beth: Yeah! Kiss and tell that mean little girl that I am the one who rules your world! You think that you really got me bad, but I am the one who pretends she's sad! You gon' be got back, you hear! You gon' be gone soon, my dear!

Tyler and Bridgette: Kiss and Tell! Kiss and Tell! Ooh!

Beth: K-I-S-S! K-I-S-S! Now get going and T-E-L-L! I said T-E-L-L! Woo!

Beth: Now you've done and Kiss and Telled, you see! That's not a deed that should have to be!

Beth: What did he do? He Kiss and Telled! Everyone, now what did he do? He-

Everyone: Kissed and Telled!

Beth: That's right! Now I bet you wish that I was blue! But soon you gonna be that and black too! What me? No way! That's not the way I play! I'm gonna send my new boo to come and take care of you!

Beth: But let's look back at why we're here, oh that's right you-

Everyone: Kissed and Telled!


Chris: Time for judging! I think this song was really good, but it had a cuss word. So this song gets an 8/10

Song: Love me! (By: Geoff's Team)Edit

Sadie: Love me as much as you want! Love me, and let it show, that you are so wonderful!

Trent: Love me like it's Valentine's! Love me, and let it shine, through everyone's eyes!

Katie: You are so wonderful! I hope you know that, because I love you! But something always stuck in my head, do you love me?

Sierra: Do you love me baby? Do you love me true?

Sadie: Do you love me like crazy? Do you love me so blue?

Izzy: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh do you love me baby. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Just tell do you love me babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Oh yeah. Just please tell me baby.

Eva: Tell Me baby.

Trent: All these thoughts... running through my head... But one thing pops in instead... I know U love me...

Sierra:Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Cody: Oh, you love me!

Geoff: Oh, oh, you love meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eva: Oh, yes she does!

Izzy: Oh, yeahhhhhh!

Trent: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Do. You. Love. Me?

Geoff: Yes she doooooeeeeeessssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izzy: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Eva: Oh, yeah she doessssssssssssssssssssssss!

Trent: Now, stop. Hold on. You say you're leaving, now I got to be strong... But, tomorrow, when I'm alone... I

ll be breaking down, I've fallen off my throne...

Izzy: Baby please come back. I'm so sorry I was wrong.

Eva: Baby come back!

Izzy: Uuuuuu!

Cody: Hold on tight!

Trent: But now the love has stopped, and I must move on... Maybe one day, I will find a way to love a new someone...

Geoff: Love another, gotta love another!

Trent: Another... who will hopefully love meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yeah!

Eva and Izzy: Yeah!

Trent: Oh. Oh! Oh! Oooooooooooooh!

Sadie: Once upon a time!

Katie: I was young when I met you!

Trent: And now this song's... coming to an end... and hopefully this won't happen again... I wish you had loooooooooooved... Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....


Chris: good song, but Geoff was the main singer, and he wasn't in it a lot. Also, a bit too much chorus! Sorry but y'all get an 7/10

Elimination CeremonyEdit

Chris: Geoff's Team must vote off one person!

Sadie: I vote off Cody!

Katie: Me too!

Izzy: Ummm....I'm sorry, but Cody.

Eva: Idk......Cody?

Trent: Sorry, but you didn't help that much Cody...

(Zanna: Y'all STOP editing the tables only I can!)

Geoff: Cody, you cost me the win last season.

(Geoff's Team is Green. Bridgette's Team is Aqua. Also, Geoff's Team is called The "Killer Hats" and Bridgette's Team name is the "Screaming Surfers")

Chris: Well it looks like Cody has been eliminated! See ya! *kicks Cody out of plane and then throws him a parachute*

Cody: *holds onto the plane wing* YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Guards!

Guards: *takes a tranquilizer gun and tranquilizes Cody and he falls*

Cody: *falls to the ground* AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'LL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chef: Didnt we say in the cockpit that Sierra was going to be eliminated?

Chris: *takes tranquilizer gun and shoots Chef*

Chef: Agh! * falls down on chris and goes to sleep*


Episode 2: Welcome to Broadway!Edit

E2: Pre-chatEdit

Trent: All right! Where are we going next?

Chris: New York!

Beth: Ooh! Can we go shopping this time? *raising her hand*

Chris: While y'all wait for the challenge you may go shopping!

Trent: Sweet! I wanna get a guitar pick from every place we go to!

Beth: And I wanna get a teddy bear for my teddy bear, Brady!

Chef: No one is going no where until you eat lunch *takes out chicken cutlets made of genital meat* EAT UP!

Beth: Um... I had disgusting chicken cutlets for breakie...

Trent: Yeah, I cannot do that to my fellow man, even if the man is a chicken!

Chef: Well, you are going to eat it again!

Chris: *shoves all the food into Chef's mouth* Y'all can go shopping!

(Zanna: Ya'll help me out on the wiki for this camp! )

Chef: *takes out 15 more batches* EAT UP! *SHOVES ONE DOWN CHRIS'S THROAT*

Everyone: *laugh at Chef shoving food into Chris' mouth*

Chef: *shoves it down everyone's throat*

Trent: *swallows and gags* Now can we go shopping?

Beth: If you're face feels really hot and you're stomach is bubbling, does that mean you have food poisoning?

Chris: Chef, if you do anything to me one more time you will be kicked off the show. Also, Beth you need to go find a hospital cause you got food poisoning... and I think I do too.

Chef: Um, Chris, the hospital is right behind the plane. *points at the Hospital*

Trent: Wait, if Beth goes to the hospital for the day, then today's teams will be even!

Beth: *gagging* But, it also means that Chef will be taking over for Chris while he's gone! *laughs*

Chef: *pushes Beth off the plane* See you later!

Beth: *pukes as she falls, slams into a fountain* I'm Okay!

Trent: *squints* Is there a beached whale in the fountain?

Beth: *spits puke at Trent's face* I heard that!

(Bloomin: Someone else needs to write something already)

Heather: *yells* Beth, Chef says you are not eliminated!

Beth: Awesome. *pukes in the fountain*

Geoff: Ok.

Duncan: Everyone! Jump out of the plane and into the Hudson River! *Jumps out of the plane*

Geoff: *jumps out of plane, swims in the river* Hey, I see a dead body floating by me! And it looks like Cody!

Duncan: Who wants to go to my house in Jersey?

Trent: *from the plane* Seriously?

Heather: Wait up! *jumps off the plane and goes with Duncan and Geoff*

Geoff: *sees a note attached to the body* It IS Cody! *reads note* "After my pathetic elimination, I hitchhiked to NY and hung myself on the G.W Bridge. Ya'll would be better off without me. I knew my neck would snap and I would fall in the river, I am too much of a failure to continue on. Cody." He KILLED himself!

Duncan and Heather: Agh!

Duncan: *to castmates up on the plane* CODY IS DEAD!

Geoff: What do we do now?! *holding onto Cody's body, reads note* It says he killed himself 3 hours ago.

Chris: Guards!

Guards: *come and take Cody's Body and throw it into a nearby cemetery*

Chris: Ok! Me and Beth are OK now. The challenge will start soon, so just go shopping for now or wait in the plane!

Beth: Who knew all you had to do to give rid of food poisoning was puke until it's over!

Geoff: *gets onto land* I can't believe Cody's dead!

Duncan and Heather: *get back on the plane* OH MY GOD PEOPLE, CODY IS DEAD!

Beth: *Spit takes, everyone looks at him* Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood...

Geoff: *gets back on the plane* I just can't believe this. I wonder what Sierra will say? Wait Duncan, I thought you don't care about anybody?

Duncan: Except for people I know!

Trent: Yeah, man! I think that during this time of sadness, Duncan has the right to be a wuss!

Bridgette: Wait, how did Cody die?

Tyler: *Shrugs*

Lady Gaga: Because of me! *takes out bloody knife*

Izzy: Why?

Beth: *gasps* Yeah, Lady Gaga? Why?

Lady Gaga: Because we were dating until I found out about Sierra, so I killed him. We were caught in a Bad Romance!

Chris: I feel a Song in our midst!

After The Song

Trent: That was pretty good! But seriously LG... Is Cody really dead?

Lady Gaga: Yes

Chris: Yews'

Beth: Anyway, how do we decide the winner of this challenge?

Trent: By which Team sang the most?

Chris: That wasn't even the challenge!

Everyone: Say what?

Chris: That's right *laughs evily*

Song: Bad Romance (By: Everyone)Edit

Trent and Geoff: Rara, ahahAHah! Rama, ramaMAHa! Gaga, oohlaLAHa! Watch out Bad Romance! I want your horror, I want your design! Cuz you're a criminal, as long as you're mine! I want your love!

Everyone: LOVE! Love! Love. I want your love! Your love!

Izzy: I want your ugly!

Eva: I want your disease!

Trent and Geoff: I want you're everything as long as it's free! I want your love! LOVE! Love! Love. I want your love! Your love! Kick it! I want your love and I want your revenge, you and me could write a BAD ROMANCE! I want your love, I don't want to be friends, you and me could write a BAD Romance... WhoaohOHoh, OHohOHohoh, OowhOA, caught in a BAD ROMANCE!

Geoff: Wooaahhhhh woooaaahhh oooaaah CAUGHT IN A BAD ROMANCE!

Duncan and Geoff: I want your drama, the touch of your hand!

Trent: I want your leather studded kiss in the sand! I want your love!

Killer Hats: LOVE! Love! Love. I want your love!

Beth: Hey! I want your psycho, your burning costere! I want your everything, oh Baby it's sick! I want your love! LOVE! Love! Love. I want your love! Your love!

Beth and Trent: Cuz you know that I want you, and you know that I need you! I want your bad, ba-ba-bad romance...

Everyone: I want your love and I want your revenge, you and me could write a BAD ROMANCE! WhoaohOHoh, WHOAohOHohoh, OohWHOAOH!

Trent and Geoff: Caught in a BAD ROMANCE!

Everyone: WhoaohOHoh, WHOAohOHohoh, OohWHOAOH!

Beth: Caught in a BAD ROMANCE!

Screaming Surfers: Rara, ahahAHah! Rama, RamaMAH! Gaga, oohlaLAah!

Everyone: Caught in a BAD ROMANCE!

Bridgette: Bad Romance....


(Zanna: Y'all chat for a while! I'm going to the mall, but I found a way to edit from my phone so y'all just chat. K? and help out on the new wiki link is somewhere up there.)

2nd ChallengeEdit

Chris: Ok Guys! Today your challenge must find Lady Gaga in this big theater called "Broadway". But, she won't be just sitting down in a room, she will be dressed as a chair or a table or etc. Good Luck!

LeShawna: *look at the chair in the theater*

Courtney: *looks with LeShawna*

  • They find nothing

Beth: Oh, Lady Gaga! Where are you? *keeps calling*

Trent: Oh, Lady Gaga! I got a bucket of fresh meat for you to make a dress out of!

Beth: Come on, Leshawna! Let's track down that Gaga! *runs off with Leshawna*

Trent: *stands with Courtney akwardly* So... How you been?

Beth: *crawling* Gaga, where are you!?

(Zanna: First you can't control Gaga. Second Gaga isn't hiding she is dressed up as something like a table and stuff like that.)

Izzy: *looks at at tables*

Eva: *looks with Izzy*

  • They find nothing

Trent: Okay! Izzy, use the vents to peek in on every room! Eva, lift all the heavy stuff! I'll sit on every chair! *Trent starts sitting on every chair in the theater*, jumps up* Ah! That chair just pinched me!

Crab: *crawls out of chair*

Trent: I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I was hoping for it to be Lady Gaga... *sighs* Where the heck is she!?

Heather: Gaga, where are you *looks at a curtain* hmm

  • She finds nothing

Duncan: *looks at the movie playing thingy* Gaga, is that you?

  • He finds nothing


Trent: Come on, Gaga! We've been looking for an hour now! Atleast show yourself!

(Zanna: Y'all also make your characters pages and help with the new wiki please! :) )

Heather: *looks at chris* You might be gaga! *Screams* Everyone, Chris may be Gaga!

  • She finds a dust-bunny

Duncan: *looks at some props*

Beth: *jumps up from Heather's screams* Gaga? Ah! *tackles Chris and pulls his hair* This is a really good mask!

Chris: It isn't one. Gaga is still hiding!

Chris: HINT ALERT: She is dressed as something you can play on stage that is Black.

Trent: The piano! I found her! *points at the Piano*

Heather: *goes to the piano and gets her back to chris*

Trent: What? I was the one who solved that it was the piano!

Chris: Killer Hats found her first and won the challenge!

Lady Gaga: Yep, It's me in my Piano outfit!

2nd Elimination CeremonyEdit

Chris: Screaming Surfers....Vote!

(Zanna: Y'all do not edit the Voting history or Elimination Tables!)

Heather and Duncan: Lindsay

Leshawna and Courtney: Lindsay

Beth: Courtney! Sorry...

(Zanna: Remember no changing votes!)

Beth: What about Bridge, Tyler, and Lindsay's votes? What if there was a tie? And why don't we hand out those tasty peanuts anymore?

Chris: Well I'm sorry to say, but Lindsay get out of here! *pushes Lindsay out of plane with parachute*

Beth: I'll miss you, Lindsay! *waves goodbye*

Chris: Awww how sweet....(CONF- NOT!)

Geoff: Is there gonna be a funeral for Cody? (CONF- I miss him, even though he stole my win.)

Episode 3: The Funeral!Edit

E3: Pre-chatEdit

Trent: (CONF- I can't help feeling it's our fault for voting Cody off and causing all this...)

Beth: (CONF- *crys loudly*)

Geoff: (CONF- I feel bad that Cody is gone.)

(Zanna: Hey Guys I'm uploading some pics to the wiki. Come see and help!)

Geoff: *sees Cody's gravestone*

Beth: Cody! Why!?

Trent: *puts his hand on Beth's shoulder* Be strong, you guys... Be strong...

Geoff: I have no idea why this had to happen... You wanna make an alliance?


Heather: I do!

Duncan: Me too!

Geoff: We've lost a friend!

Beth: *blows her nose loudly*

Tyler: *Drops a tear*

Bridgette: Rest in Peace.

Heather: Why do you say that when you're the Killer!

Trent: How were we supposed to know that this would happen?

Geoff: *holds Bridgette* HE COMMITTED SUICIDE!!!!

Beth: Maybe Chris will honor Cody's death by cancelling today's challenge?

Tyler: (CONF- Wow, this is either going to get Chris ratings or lawsuits.)

Cody: *walks by all of them* Eh, what's up docs?

Trent: CODY!? What the Heck?

Heather: Yeah, Ok! The paper that the note was on is your notebook paper!

Geoff: Did Cody just say "Eh, whats up docs?"

Chris: Actually Today's Challenge goes with Cody's Death!

Geoff: But we have to honor him first!

(Zanna: Who deleted my strike marks?)

(Bloomin: Is Cody really dead or not?)

(Zanna: DEAD!)

Trent: K, so what are you gonna make us do? Dance and Sing on his grave!?

3rd ChallengeEdit

Chris: Ok, guys! Today's challenge is for Cody! This is kinda like clue! Each team must try to find out, who killed Cody? What did the killer use? And Where did the killer kill him at? Good luck!

Trent: Seriously? Fine. Was it Lady Gaga on the G.W. Bridge with a Knife?

Heather: Geoff killed Cody!

Chris: Trent, all of those are wrong, and that is wrong also Heather.

Geoff: Himself at the hudson with a rope.

Trent: I was going to say that.

Heather: Chris killed Cody!

Beth: Give it a rest, Heather! Why would Chris risk the lawsuits?

Heather: Beth killed Cody!

Beth: WHAT?

Chris: All of the above are wrong!

Trent: It's a trick question! No one killed Cody anywhere with anything becuase Cody is still alive right?

Geoff: Nice theory, Trent.

(Zanna: Please make pages for your characters and just help out on the wiki I just made....Please!)

Bridgette: Chef killed Cody with a Tranquilizer Gun on the Plane causing him to fall on the River.

Chef: Wrong! Chris shot him!

Chris: DING DING DING! Trent is right! Listen, Cody is still alive!

Lady Gaga: *starts to run*

Chris: *trips Lady gaga* See This isn't Lady Gaga! *takes off mask to reveal*

Everyone: CODY?!? But who is in the grave?

Chris: *goes to Cody's body in grave and takes off mask to reveal*

Everyone: Lady Gaga?!?

Chris: That's right! Cody faked his death!

Izzy: Is Lady Gaga still alive?

Eva: Why would Cody do that?

Chris: Yes, Izzy and IDK, ask him yourself!

LeShawna: Wow, this is interesting!

Courtney: Yeah, it is!

Geoff: Wow. This is truly interesting.

Beth: Do the Killer Hats win, then?

Trent: So, is Cody back in the game?

Chris: Cody was eliminated before he faked his death so he is not back in the game. Well it looks like the "Killer Hats" win again!

3rd Elimination CeremonyEdit

Chris: Screaming Surfers...Vote!

Heather and Duncan: Tyler.

Beth: Courtney!


LeShawna: Heather

Bridgette and Tyler: Heather.

Chris: It looks like Heather is out *pushes her out of plane with parachute* I love doing that! :D

(Zanna: Hey Y'all if y'all want spoilers they are on the new wiki. I just made a page for the next episode that tells you the challenge and some other things, better go look. ;) )

Tyler: (CONF)Meh, she was my vote so I guess I'm glad I'm not out.

(um excuse me, but leshawna changed her vote from courtney to my character, thats means that heather and tyler tied!)

Trent: We forgot to sing a song this time!

Geoff: What should we sing?

(Zanna: Team E-scope asked me if He could change his vote because if he didn't it would be a tie, and I wasted gonna send more than one person home. If anyone gives me a good reason to change there vote I'll accept it, I'm sorry but Heather has been eliminated. at Total Drama: The Eliminated Losers there will be a few challenge to where y'all can return.)

Song: Get Cody! (By: Geoff & Trent Ft. Izzy & Eva)Edit

Geoff: It was a dark and stormy niggggggggggggghhhhhhhhttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trent: And we were given such a frigggggggggggghhhhhhhhttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trent: We thought our scrawny friend was deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead...

Trent: But he isn't so let's knock him in the head!

Geoff: GET CODY! GET GET GET CODDDDDDDYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trent: Cuz he is just as crazy as that Gaga!

Geoff: And he don't wanna be like yo mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trent: Don't talk about my Mama, or I'll get you too...

Trent: Now, let's hit that little kid with a shoe!

Trent: We're Gonna-

Trent: Get that little kid, as payback for what he did...!

Trent: Cuz whoever fakes their own death is surely gonna be dead!

Trent: Get that little kid, and don't let him escape...!

Trent: We'll hit him with your momma's homemade crepes!

Trent: And get Codyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Geoff: GET CODY! GET GET GET CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff: Than we're gonn hit him with a big ol' mallet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trent: GET CODY! GET GET GET CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izzy and Eva: Get Cody! Get Cody!

Geoff: Then we're gonna sing about him in a ballet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET CODY! GET GET GET CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff: Then we'll put him in a little oven!

Trent: And make him a souflee!

Geoff: GET CODY! GET GET GET CODY!!!!!!!!! What a liar and a little cheater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geoff: Maybe we should take him to the theatre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trent: I don't think so, now let's pull on this lever!

Trent: *pulls a lever and a cage drops on Cody*

Cody: *roars like a zombie* Blargggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End

Episode 4: Let's Dance!Edit

E4: Pre-chatEdit

Sierra: *crying* Poor Cody!

4th ChallengeEdit

Chris: Ok contestants, for today's challenge each team must pick 1 girl and 1 boy to perform a dance together for me and our guest judges. Those guest judges are....Lady Gaga and Usher! Y'all start picking...QUICK!

Geoff: I'll go!

Sierra: I will!!

Duncan: me for the surfers!

Chris: Geoff and Sierra will go for the "Killer Hats"!

LeShawna: I'll go for surfers!\


Chris: LeShawna and Duncan are going for the "Screaming Surfers"

"Killer Hats" DanceEdit

Chris: Sierra and Geoff get to dancing!

Sierra: *starts dancing like Lady Gaga*

Geoff: *starts doing the macarana*

Geoff: *starts doing the Thriller*

Lady Gaga: No kissing up Sierra...XD


Chris: It was kinda random *holds up sign that says 7*

Lady Gaga: Filled with kissing up, but good random dancing *holds up a sign that says 8

Usher: What the heck? *holds up a sign that says 6

"Screaming Surfers" DanceEdit

Chris: Duncan and LeShawna get to dancing!

Duncan: turn up the beat!

LeShawna: *starts dancing like Beyonce*

Chef: *puts on Ushers' dj got us falling in love again*

Duncan: *starts dancing like usher and lady gaga together*

Duncan: *starts moving side to side*


Chris: I give a 8

Lady GaGa: I give a 10

Usher: I give a 9

Chris: it looks like the "Screaming surfers" win!

4th Elimination CeremonyEdit

Sierra: I vote Katie!

Trent: I vote Sierra! I can't believe I missed a whole episode!

Geoff: I vote Sierra.

Sierra: Why are you guys voting me?

Trent: (CONF- Reason for voting Sierra? 1. She's kinda annoying! 2. It's her and Geoff's bad dancing that lost us the challenge, but Geoff's my bud, so blame falls to Sierra... Sorry)

Sierra: Why not Eva? She didn't do anything today?

Trent: Neither did Katie, Sadie, or Izzy!

Sierra: Goeff did the worst dancing though!

Trent: (CONF- More reasons on voting Sierra? 3. I'm in an alliance with my bud, Geoff! And 4. There are WAY too many girls left on this show! Plus, the other reasons!)

(Zanna: First, Who ever playa Sierra changed their vote. Second, Katie, Sadie, and Izzy didn't have to do anything today. Third, the episode isn't over yet!)

Izzy: Sierra, Sorry!

Eva: Sierra!

Chris: Sorry Sierra, but you are outta here! *pushes Sierra out of plane with parachute*

Voting HistoryEdit

Episode 1Edit

Contestant Voted Eliminated
Katie Cody Cody
Sadie Cody
Izzy Cody
Eva Cody
Geoff Cody
Trent Cody

Episode 2Edit

Contestant Voted Eliminated
Beth Courtney Lindsay
Duncan Lindsay
LeShawna Lindsay
Courtney Lindsay
Heather Lindsay

Episode 3Edit

Contestant Voted Eliminated
Beth Courtney Heather
Duncan Tyler
LeShawna Heather
Courtney Beth
Tyler Heather
Bridgette Heather
Heather Tyler

Episode 4Edit

Contestant Voted Eliminated
Sierra Katie
Izzy Sierra
Eva Sierra
Geoff Sierra
Trent Sierra

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