It's Singing Time!
Season 2, Episode 1
Singing time
Challenge(s) Create & Sing A Song
Reward(s) Team Immunity
Winner(s) Screaming Surfers
Eliminated Cody
Episode Guide
"Total Drama: The Return"
"Welcome To Broadway!"

S1 E1: It's Singing Time!Edit


Name Played By
Katie/Sadie Teddy10
Izzy/Eva/Chris Zannabanna
Trent/Beth Bloomin13
Geoff/Cody Survivor321
Sierra/Lindsay Izzyandsierrafan12
Duncan/Heather/Chef Natedog14
Bridgette/Tyler First123
  • Courtney and LeShawna appear, but have no lines.


Title(s) Singer(s)
Kiss and Tell Screaming Surfers except LeShawna and Courtney
Love me! Killer Hats


  • Katie: We're here!!! EEEEE!!!
  • Sadie: EEEEEEE!!!
  • Beth: EEEEEEE!!! Yay! *jumping up and down*
  • Sadie: Oh my gosh, Beth! You learned the ways of the EEEEE!!! EEEEE!!!
  • Katie: Yay!
  • Trent: *plugging his ears* Hey, Cody! Any chance one of those green rocks will make these 3 forget the ways of Eee?


  • Ironically, Cody won Season 1 but was the 1st eliminated in Season 2.

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