Geoff, labeled The Party Guy, was a contestant on Total Drama: The Return and he was on the Killer Returners and was the runner up of the season. He returned to Total Drama: The Musical and was placed on The Killer Hats.


Total Drama: The ReturnEdit

Geoff was the main antagonist during Total Drama The Return and he had complete control during most of the game. He had the dominant alliance and picked off everyone one by one. After Trent returned in episode 10, he allied with him. He married his long time girlfriend Bridgette during episode 10. He was defeated by Cody after he caught Cheese before him in the final challenge. He had the most confessionals and the most lines during the season.

Total Drama: The MusicalEdit

Geoff returned for Total Drama: The Musical. He created The Killer Hats and they lost the first challenge. They eliminated rival Cody as Geoff held disdain for him due to him stealing his win.

In the next challenge, Geoff found Cody dead in the Hudson River. His team won the next challenge. In the thrid episode, Cody had his funeral held. It was revealed he faked his death. Geoff's team won immunity again. He has currently made it past 3 episodes.

People who played GeoffEdit

Survivor321 (Season 1- Present)

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