180px-Bridgette in Siberia Bridgette labelled as The Surfer Girl is a contestant on both Total Drama: The Return! and Total Drama: The Musical!

TD: TR!Edit

Despite her relationship with Geoff it didn't save her while getting eliminated due to being the most inactive in the team being the 3rd eliminated.

Despite this she made an appearance in another episode in her and Geoff's wedding, but shortly after went back to the Playa del Losers.

TD: M!Edit

In Total Drama: The Musical! she made it farther than last time passing 5 episodes so far.She is practically the Team Captain of the Screaming Surfers, due to her picking the teams(Or just getting the leftovers) although "In Singing in the Rain!"She did talk with Tyler,Beth,and Trent about how Tyler was reminded by the title of High School Musical.

People who played BridgetteEdit

First123 (Season 1-present)

Zannabanana (Wedding Episode)

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